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...runs both ways in this 'work' we do.

We often receive such beautiful notes & letters thanking us for what we have ‘done’ for our clients. But what is impossible to explain is just how blessed & fortunate we feel to be walking alongside women & families in this most transformative time in their lives.

The gift, truly, belongs to us. And for all your kind words we are…Grateful.

We feel so fortunate to have come to Canopy Midwives. What an immeasurable gift your practice offers to our community. You have all made such a difference in the lives of so many women & families here - through your caring, skillful & professional practice. Ours is only one of the many you have touched with your gifts and we are thankful - thankful there are women like you who help women like me. You have enabled us to bring two beautiful children into our lives with memorable & positive birth experiences.
— S.
Thank you all so very much for taking me under your wings so late in pregnancy & providing us with such personalized care & attention. I now wish I had sought YOUR care with my first pregnancy as well. You are all amazing at what you do & every family who receives your care & support are blessed.
— A
Through my two pregnancies & my two drastically different birth experiences you all remained a constant foundation that pointed me to & encouraged me to believe in my ability to give birth & make choices I was comfortable with.
— K
Thank you does not capture how grateful we are for all you have done to facilitate the births of our two beautiful children. Your strong but gentle presence, sense of humour and passion for your work always shines through. You inspired us & we always felt supported.
— H
How fortunate we were to have you by our side. We truly appreciate everything you have done for us along the way. Not the least of which was your sense of humour - it really is what enabled me to hang on to mine, through the indignities & the challenges we faced! Thank you for this & your many other gifts - of skill, attentiveness, patience & for not judging; and sharing your perspective. We will always be grateful.
— S
You are amazing! Your calm & reassuring voice, expertise & lovely, happy demeanour was the reason I had such a calm & positive pregnancy & birth. We are so grateful to have had you as our guide through this special time in our lives. We will never forget the magical moment of welcoming our beautiful baby into the world!
— V
Wow! You’re amazing. I wish I could describe the way I truly feel & how much I am grateful for your grace, wisdom, & unparalleled dedication. I wrote my daughter a letter the morning she was born. I had tears in my eyes when I re-read it & I couldn’t stop thinking how it could have gone differently. But I think your calmness & confidence really guided me through. The way you give yourself to your ‘job’ is truly remarkable & beyond words.
— R
From the moment we called you after my water broke, you were calm, responsive & very reassuring. We never once questioned that we were in the hands of the most capable caregiver. Your energy & presence along with encouragement & reassurance during labour helped me stay focused & calm. The postpartum care you provided inspired confidence in both of us.
— C
Thank you so much for all your amazing care! I don’t even know where to begin...you have been such an incredible, amazing, kind soul to work with. I can’t thank you & your team enough. You made this pregnancy journey so enjoyable & the support & love you you gave me, my partner & baby during my labour & after-care was above & beyond! I can’t thank you enough for staying with us for well over 24 hours in the hospital, making me laugh & smile my entire labour!! Your sense of humour & kindness & compassion got me through it all. We can’t wait to go through it all again with future babies. You are amazing at what you do & we love you.
— Y
To the most wonderful ladies we could ask for to bring our ‘littles’ into the world! Once again our experience with you has been more than amazing. Your care, kindness & encouragement has blown us away.
— W
You made the scary & unknown not so scary & wonderful. You made first time parents feel smart, empowered & wonderful. We are forever grateful to have had you be a part of this amazing journey.
— H
Words cannot express my gratitude for your presence at my son’s birth. I feel so blessed that you have come into our lives through the miracle of birth. Thank you for your ability to both give strength through encouragement & instruction while giving me space to got through this experience. Your guidance, expertise, & calm, yet confident, presence was truly a gift. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— N
Words cannot express how thankful we are for your wisdom, care & encouragement. You are truly the “fairy godmothers” to our little ones, swooping in to work your magic & leaving us in awe of your wonderful selves.
— Z