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Midwives in BC

Registered Midwives in British Columbia, Canada are primary health care providers for pregnant people and their infants. We see you.....


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Brangwynne   //   Little Chickadees Newborn Photography 

Brangwynne   //   Little Chickadees Newborn Photography 

Gillian  //   Felicia Chang Photography

What is a registered midwife?


Midwives are experts in healthy pregnancy and birth.

In BC, registered midwives offer primary maternity care to healthy pregnant clients and their newborn babies from early pregnancy, through labour and birth, until about six weeks following delivery. They practice evidence-based, client-centered maternity and newborn care and are an established part of the BC health care system.

Midwives listen, observe, educate, guide and care. They order and interpret tests and screen for physical, psychological, emotional and social health. They are with clients during pregnancy, labour and birth, normal and complicated. They catch babies. They do home visits after the baby is born. They help with breastfeeding and adjusting to life with a new baby. They work together and with other health professionals.

You can find more information at Midwifery Association of BC & College of Midwives of BC


Collaborative Care

Registered Midwives collaborate with nurses & family doctors, obstetricians & paediatricians, as needed, to optimize care for you & your baby.

While Midwives specialize in low-risk, uncomplicated pregnancies there are times when we will need to involve other medical professionals in your care or the care of your baby. . In these cases we will consult with our obstetrical & paediatric doctors. However, if a complication were to arise, in almost all cases, we would remain involved in your care.   












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We aim to respond to all Intakes within a few days. However, if we get busy with births it may take longer. If you have an urgent pregnancy related matter please call the pager at 604 450-1126.